New Zealand Silver

NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori

NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori
NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori
NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori
NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori
NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori

NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori   NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori

1941 New Zealand 1/2 Crown (Silver). -- Grading is subjective --- Any opinions in the listing are ours alone --- Please look at our photos to evaluate the coin --- This is the EXACT COIN you will receive (original, non-stock photos). We highly encourage offers If you are interested, feel free to make a reasonable offer! Grading assistance is available by clicking the NGC logo above NGC offers expert opinions for grades and authenticity Please see our policies below for more info INTERNATIONAL BUYERS - ATTENTION!!!

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  1. Modified Item: No
  2. Country/Region of Manufacture: New Zealand
  3. Certification Number: 4757321-029
  4. Certification: NGC
  5. Mintage: 776,000
  6. Royal House: Windsor
  7. Monarch: King George VI
  8. Grade: AU 55
  9. Year: 1941
  10. Circulated/Uncirculated: About Uncirculated
  11. Composition: Silver
  12. Denomination: 1/2 Crown
  13. KM Number: 11

NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori   NEW ZEALAND. 1941, 1/2 Crown, Silver NGC AU55 KGVI, Maori